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In the UAE abortion is almost an unheard of undertaking due to various reasons. The UAE does not allow abortion and a woman getting an abortion faces severe punishment which includes jail time as well as lashes. The laws of this nation prohibit abortion except in extreme cases where the life of the mother is on the line.

The other scenario with which the law may permit a woman to terminate a pregnancy is when the baby carries extreme birth defects which may make it difficult for the baby to survive even when successfully born.

Abortion in UAE is however still a very rare occurrence even though sometimes the woman might have met the requirements for a safe abortion. This is due to the fact that before one may get an abortion, a panel of experts has to sit down and decide if the woman will be granted permission to undergo an abortion.

The panel consists of people who are most of the time not sensitive to the feelings or sufferings that women go through during these trying and extremely difficult times. This way, you will find that most of the time the rulings will not be in favor of the woman and hence the woman has to carry a pregnancy that is dangerous to her health or one which she did not get willingly.



It is also a very rare feat to find an abortion clinic in the UAE. This is not only because the practice is illegal but also because any doctor found administering illegal abortions is punished and their licences withdrawn.  Any doctor who attempts administering an abortion will essentially be putting their careers on the line and there are very few, if any who would be willing to take such a risk.

Despite all these, it is possible to hear of an abortion in clinic in UAE once in a while. However, these clinics do migrate from time to time and they are not permanent for the fear of being caught by the authorities and being shut down.

Nonetheless this might not be the best option for any woman seeking an abortion. This is because most of the people administering abortions in UAE are not qualified doctors. They are people with no medical background and the results of their work cause severe complications and medical issues to women and can sometimes be fatal.

Women who are not married are the ones who suffer the most when it comes to getting an abortion in UAE. This is because it is against the laws for an unmarried women to get pregnant as this is regarded as promiscuity.

Abortion is a punishable offence by law and any woman found guilty of this offence face jail terms. The law is not lenient as the woman and the child will both be jailed and in case the woman is not a UAE national, she will later be deported.


American Hospital Bangalore is a world class hospital located in Bangalore, India. We have state of the art facilities highly as well as qualified medical staff and doctors who will carry out safe abortion procedures and ensure speedy recovery. Several expat, Filipino and Indian women seeking to have an abortion in UAE travel to Bangalore, India to get a legal, confidential and safe abortion.

We also provide post abortion care. Our gynecologists will help you go through the post abortion guidelines after your procedure to help ensure a safe and timely recovery.

At American Hospital Bangalore we value our patients and that is why we deal with each and every person at a personal level. You get to speak directly with our doctors and we guarantee patient privacy and confidentiality since our gynecologists are under oath and are also respected professionals.
Furthermore abortion is legal in India based on the patient’s conditions. Finally, your health is our top priority and therefore we shall perform a medical scan before and after the abortion procedure to ensure that everything is okay and that you are safe and healthy.

Expats travel to Bangalore, India to undergo the medical termination of pregnancy procedure. Our systems and programs are efficient and ones that will suit you perfectly.

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