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Abortion is one of the topics that are known to quickly turn interesting and exciting conversations gloomy even in countries where it is not necessarily a taboo. In the UAE, it is treated with more seriousness and the local law imposes tough penalties on this practice.

Despite all this, the number of abortion cases in the country has been reported to be steadily going up over the years. A good number of these abortions are usually DIY abortions using non-recommended procedures; hence they come with a big risk to the woman.

The unfortunate part is that when the abortions go bad, the woman, usually in a critical condition can’t go to the local health institutions for fear of scrutiny and possible punishment owing to tough UAE laws. Regardless of whether the pregnancy was as a result of rape or not, they are all treated in the same way.

According to these laws, abortion is only allowed in two circumstances: when the pregnancy is a risk to the mother, and when there is evidence showing that the baby will be born with deformities that will limit its survival chances.

Even in cases where these two conditions are met, a panel comprised of doctors has to be set up so that they can discuss whether or not the abortion should be done. This further lowers the chances of getting approval for a Sharjah abortion.

In addition to their general beliefs on the practice, this panel will also factor in the length of the pregnancy. Some say that Sharjah abortion clinics should not administer abortions on pregnancies older than 42 days while others believe that the threshold is at 120 days.

Most women would not opt for an abortion in Sharjah when there is a better and more feasible alternative. Making the decision to abort is in itself a tough and emotionally draining experience, and women who decide to go through with it get seek high quality facilities to ease the pain.



This is usually the first question asked after deciding to procure an abortion. The law and the authorities have made it very difficult for anyone in Sharjah to find a Sharjah abortion clinic regardless of the circumstances.

In addition to the penalties imposed on the woman, the medical personnel administering the procedure will also face penalties if found offering the service. This has led to a very big number of deaths caused by improper and unsafe methods.

Once in a while a clinic will pop up in Sharjah to offer Sharjah abortion services. However, due to the nature of the practice and the stiff penalties imposed in the city, the clinics will normally not last long. This has led to many people resorting to unsafe online abortion in Sharjah due to the lack of alternatives.

This is where a majority of them flood online forums with questions such as “where do I find abortion pills in Sharjah” and some of them are linked to undercover dealers who supply the pills which give slim chances of survival.

Those who survive do so at high risks, with many of them passing out severally during the recovery process owing to the loss of copious amounts of blood in the process. The sad bit is that there is usually no medical personnel around to provide necessary care hence posing a risk to the uterus.

With that said, you need a lot of luck to be able to procure an abortion from Sharjah abortion clinics. In addition to the difficulty associated with finding a clinic that will agree to perform the procedure, you will be required to meet a large number of requirements to qualify.

What Alternatives are Available?

There are a few safe and legal solutions to getting an abortion in Sharjah.

The first one, which is the most difficult one is doing it in Sharjah. Of course, you will have to face the torturous task of justifying the abortion to a panel of doctors and scholars.

However, confidentiality is not assured and it’s something that may cause stigmatization and unpleasant reminders for many years.

You can also opt to get an abortion from overseas abortion clinics in countries where abortion is legal. This is where clinics like American Hospital Bangalore come in handy. This is by far the best method because your safety is assured and you never have to worry about confidentiality.

The third option is the use of pills that can be obtained from undercover suppliers in the city. However, as mentioned, this Sharjah abortion comes with plenty of risks to your life and health and you could end up losing the ability to ever get pregnant again.


From all these options, getting an abortion from an overseas hospital is by far the best solution in Sharjah. American Hospital Bangalore is a top choice for expat and Indian patients from Sharjah since they can be assured of getting services that will not put their life at risk.

Expats and India patients travel to Bangalore, India to get a safe and legal abortion done by competent and qualified professionals in the industry. There is also post abortion care to ensure that you get a speedy recovery.  CAC – Comprehensive Abortion Care procedures are provided in accordance with The World Health Organization prescribed methods and standards, by experienced gynecologists.

The clinic values your privacy and will treat each case personally to ensure that all your needs are met. All details and procedures are confidential and you will get a chance to speak to the doctors directly.  The procedure is legal in India and the hospital is certified to provide abortions.

For people looking to get a safe Sharjah abortion, American Hospital Bangalore is your best option. Visit us, call or WhatsApp us on +91 900 849 2277 or +91 934 382 6182 and one of our highly trained and qualified gynecologists will provide answers to all your questions. Call today and get your FREE phone consultation with the doctor.

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