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Women all over the world go through hard times when they decide to get abortions. This is because of the nature of the decision which usually takes a lot of time as well as physical and emotional sacrifice. Women in Fujairah are no exemption.

Being one of the 7 emirates making up the UAE, Fujairah is governed by Sharia laws. This can pose a challenge to anyone seeking to procure an abortion because of the stiff penalties imposed.

According to laws enforced in the UAE, for a woman to qualify for an abortion, one of two conditions has to be met. The first one is that the pregnancy should pose a danger to the mother’s life, and the second one is that there should be sufficient evidence showing that if allowed to continue, the baby will be born with deformities that could be fatal, thus limiting chances of survival.

With that said, conditions such as Spina Bifida, Downs Syndrome or limb deformities can’t justify an abortion. Another requirement is that before the abortion is carried out, even when the above two conditions are met, a panel has to be formed comprising of religious scholars and doctors.

The panel’s duty is to analyze the facts and decide whether or not to approve the abortion. This happens for every abortion that is to be done in Fujairah. Abortion is forbidden even if the pregnancy was as a result of unfortunate experiences such as rape.

These conditions make it extremely difficult for women to find a safe abortion clinic in Fujairah. They also make it hard for any Fujairah abortion clinics to offer the service to women because most of them do not qualify under the law, despite some of them having acceptable reasons to want an abortion.



With the tough stringent measures imposed in Fujairah, many people believe that getting an abortion in Fujairah is next to impossible, if not impossible. This explains the large number of women who suffer from DIY abortions that go bad.

It is possible to get an abortion in Fujairah, but it’s certainly not an easy undertaking. You are required by law to do a lot of convincing and justifying to people who believe that abortions should be forbidden at all costs.

The same laws also make it difficult for abortion hospital Fujairah doctors to perform the procedure because there are consequences for both the woman doing the abortion and the doctor administering it.

Doctors found conducting an abortion procedure illegally will have their licenses withdrawn on top of facing stringent punitive measures. As a result, many abortion clinics that pop up in Fujairah don’t operate for long. If the woman is not married, this is an even bigger problem because it is wrong according to sharia law for an unmarried woman to get pregnant in the first place.

Any FUJAIRAH national found procuring an illegal Fujairah abortion can be punished by jail term along with a number of lashes of the cane. Non-Fujairah nationals risk deportation.


With the absence of good Fujairah abortion clinics and the tough punitive measures enforced by the law to punish anyone found to be associated with abortion in Fujairah, getting one can turn out to be very difficult and risky.

Truth be told: no woman would even think of procuring an abortion if there is a better alternative. The emotional turmoil that usually comes with having to make this decision should be enough to justify the setting up of a better method of handling abortions in the country.

One option available in Fujairah for getting an abortion is the use of abortion pills. This is an unsafe method that usually leads to many deaths among other undesired health side-effects.

Unfortunately, it is the method recommended by many who provideonline abortions in Fujairah. This probably explains why many young ladies in Fujairah flood search engines and online forums with the question: “where do I find abortion pills in Fujairah?”

The second option is by going to overseas clinics in countries where abortion is not illegal. This is by far the safest legal solution for getting to an abortion hospital, Fujairah residents can use. These clinics are normally run by professionals who will ensure that the patients’ safety is assured.

The third option is trying to meet all the requirements enforced by Fujairah law to qualify for an abortion in Fujairah. Unfortunately, most people won’t.


Bangalore Genesis Hospital is one of the best abortion hospitals that provide safe and legal abortion procedures to Fujairah residents. We have gynecologists who are sufficiently trained and qualified to carry out the procedures.

Another reason why you should choose us is because abortion is legal in India, hence you will enjoy utmost peace of mind knowing that nobody is going to harass or prosecute you. All you need to do is to plan a trip to Bangalore for a few days and we will see to is that you get safe and confidential services.

To speed up the healing process, our doctors will also provide post abortion care where you are advised on the best practices during the healing process. This way, you’ll be back to good health in the shortest time possible.

Our doctors are always ready and willing to talk to you so you can contact us on our website or by giving us a phone call on +91 900 849 2277 or +91 934 382 6182 and they will address any doubts or concerns that you might have. The first consultation on phone with the doctor is FREE so don’t wait, call today.

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