Ajman, or rather the emirate of Ajman is a member of the UAE. Ajman is a centre for business in the UAE and that is one of the prime reasons why Ajman has very many visiting foreigners and expats.

Ajman does well in tourism and business and is a wonderful place to live in. While staying in Ajman it is important to know some basic legalities about this state.

A woman seeking to have an abortion or terminate a pregnancy would need to know that abortion in Ajman is illegal. The state prohibits abortions and there are no legal abortion clinics in Ajman or any kind of help for women seeking to have abortions in Ajman.

Women who want to have abortions often face very difficult decisions to make and it a very crucial matter.  Few women today would want to have an abortion willingly or with no good reason. Abortion is typically the last and the only available option.



The penalties of having an abortion in Ajman are harsh. The laws of the country state that a woman found guilty of having an abortion in this state faces imprisonment.

This law cuts across the board and applies to foreigners as well as locals. In fact the situation is even more serious for a foreigner who gets an abortion in Ajman since on top of being sent to prison, they will also be deported back to their home country after completing their sentence.

If a woman gets an abortion and she is not married, then the case is even worse. An unmarried woman getting pregnant is considered to be a case of promiscuity and this case in itself attracts a jail sentence.

It is for these reasons that abortion cases or even abortion clinics in Ajman are unheard of. Nonetheless the law has a small exception that can allow a woman to have an abortion in Ajman. The law states that in case the life of the mother is in danger due to the pregnancy, then in such a case it is okay to have an abortion.

Also, when the child to be born carries extreme birth defects which may reduce the chances of survival after birth, then, abortion may be granted.  However, these exceptions do not apply automatically but there is due procedure to be followed. Before a woman can be granted permission to have an abortion a panel of doctors has to sit down and deliberate on the matter.

This panel is oftentimes very rigid on their decisions which in most cases go against the woman. Nonetheless all is not lost and there are still options for women seeking abortions in Ajman.


Desperate women normally turn to seeking online abortion in Ajman. However, online abortion solutions are not always accurate and in most cases things turn out to be harmful to the patients’ health and sometime even fatal. It is thus important not to put your life at risk trying to seek online help from nonqualified entities.

Another option that women go for are abortion pills. These carry health risks and they need to be administered by qualified medical personnel who will ascertain the correct dosages.

Abortion pills also only work for the first few weeks of pregnancy and a pregnancy in the later stages would not be terminated by abortion pills. Instead, things may turn fatal for the women.


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The post abortion program involves, among other steps, taking advised fluids, eating healthy foods, and avoiding strenuous physical activities for a limited time period. The appropriate medication is also to be taken as prescribed by the doctors.

Most expats as well as Indian patients travel to Bangalore, India to get a legal, safe and healthy medical abortion at American Hospital Bangalore, where abortion procedures are provided in accordance with The World Health Organization standards and methods, by experienced gynecologists.

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